“Game changer S-400 for INDIA”- Russia supply the third S-400 air defence missile system to India by Feb-2023

The S-400 is believed to be a game changer by the Indian Air Force which has strengthened itself in term of Air defence capabilities.

why it is important?

so here we know about its importance in S-400 one system has 8 divisions and can contain 72 launchers with a maximum 384 missiles with a range of 400 km.

None of aerial object except Ex atmospheric missiles can fly at such altitudes like S-400 it give multi-tier coverage creating and effective search envelope of over 600Km due to its multi function panoramic Radar which not only can track over 160 target at a time but also can select designate,and guide any of four types of missiles having kill range of 40-400Km.

Its strength,

The S-400 is the most versatile system of its kind in the world.Firstly, it has different envelopes of coverage ranging from 40-400km distance and 30 feet to 1lakh feet of altitude.

Virtually there is no aerial vehicle in the world which can travel beyond these limits and hence these system gives a coverage against all the possible threats,also this system is autonomous and does not require any human interference unless specifically required.

Automatic search,track, target identification, target data sharing over a secure link, everything is autonomous .

It has very quick deployment and de- induction time it can put into action within 5 minutes and with erection of additional anteena, the time become maximum 25 minutes.No other system in the world has such low action times.

The first two Squadron have been sent out of patrol the Laddak sector as well as West Bengal delicate Chickens neck corridor .

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